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Just like the name says, this class offers the essentials you need to build your yoga practice. Students will move slowly through foundational postures while focusing on breathing and alignment. Taught in a gently warm room to ease your body into movement.


Vinyasa Flow


Students will practice unifying breath and movement as they flow through "Vinyasa". Postures are threaded together with each inhale and exhale, creating fluidity as mind, body, and breath come together on the mat.


Hot Power


This hot power class offers a more vigorous style of flow with a focus on steady breathing, strength, and flexibility. Challenging postures such as arm balances and inversions may be included in these classes.


Warm Flow

This fun class will challenge you both mentally and physically as we work on breathing as well as postures.  With the room heated to a warm temp helping to move and stretch always adding on another pose. 


Relax + Restore


Wind down and breathe easy in this restful, restorative class. Students will hold poses for several breaths as the body slowly begins to deepen and find sweet release. Suitable for all levels. Very hands on and use of essential oils.


Restorative Yoga                                      

These restorative yoga poses will calm and reset your entire body and mind to prepare you for ultimate relaxation in corpse pose.



Barre Above™ combines the strength found in dance technique, the conditioning of Pilates and the balance of yoga. With the combination of these principles your benefit from a Barre Above™ workout is total body strength, achieving the toned, "dancer like" physique.

Barre Above